Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pet profile: Unknown Orange Cat

A week ago we had a new visitor in the garden, and he was back last Thursday night, and this morning! He was seen lounging in the left bed and the front border, and we got a photo of him (left). He's very sweet - I think he may be assiting with the rodent problem. He ran across the street (without looking both ways!!!) to go home... I wonder what his name is? Perhaps I'll tape a note to his collar and ask his owners what his name is. Uh oh, no I won't - he doesn't wear a collar!

Name/Nickname: Unknown - International Cat of Mystery aka Rodent Patrol, Mouse Elimination Division
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: Young - maybe 1 or 2?
Owner: Unknown
Loves: Lying in the left bed, hunting mice, sharpening my claws on the tree dahlia, chin scratches
Dislikes: Dogs, sprinklers
How long have you been visiting P. Garden? Just a couple of weeks now...


  1. I think in another life we would have formed a non-profit wildlife/pet sanctuary... maybe...

  2. Super cute kitty, don't assume he's a male. Although the colour indicates that the kitty *should* be male, I had a female with similar markings. Surprised the vets every time! lol

  3. Dr E, it's not too late!!!

    Rebecca - I did have a peek under the tail. Maybe I should post a photo! :P ;)


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