Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today Matt and I went to the garden to potter about a bit before other things we have to do today, and discovered we had a visitor in the garden last night. Someone came and dumped all of Emily's 24 four inch pots of sweet pea seeds she set up yesterday, and a pot of daffodil bulbs. They also knocked the dog poop wheelie bin into the neighboring lavender plant (smashed it) and tried to knock over the poop bag dispenser too.

Lastly, they ripped out the Yucca "Garland's Gold" that was looking really nice (pic above) in the middle back bed. I looked all over the garden, and walked around adjoining streets looking in trash cans. It's gone :(

Days like this make me feel like removing all the nice plants and just leaving cacti...


  1. I'm so sorry Xan, what an awful and invasive thing to have happen.

  2. what sad news from a source that has brought us all such joy. I wonder if a video cam on Gary's roof might be called for?

  3. We hope to get a camera installed with grant money due in the fall (fingers crossed!) - I also think that late-night motion activated sprinklers would be a good deterrent ;)


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