Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boarded up

Today, with lots to do today Matt and I only managed a couple hours work in the garden. We decided to get rid of the pile of redwood planks on the lower path, and moved them down to the Mariposa Center Garden.

We weeded the entire area, and placed the planks along the back edge, up against the fence, held in place with wooden stakes. They'll prevent mulch and dirt slipping under the fence and rolling away downhill. See first pic.

After that we went up to the garden and noticed that Gary has put up the sign Jim donated, on the info board Ron made. Second pic shows the finished article.

After that we spent some time looking at the back slope and discussing various options for terracing, fencing and so on. We were lucky enough to receive news this week that we got an ENPB Fund grant awarded to us, so we can finally make some hardscape improvements. I'm elated!

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  1. You and Matt rock, awesome job on using the boards at the strip. Looking forward to getting back in town and helping carry the gardening load. -Emily


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