Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi Chronicle readers! *waves*

(If you're not an SF Chronicle reader, a) shame on you ;) and b) go grab a copy today and check out P Garden in the Home & Garden section. Emily, Arum and Gary appear with me. Or click here to read the story online. Good times.)

For those new to the site, enjoy the read and don't hesitate to leave comments, and maybe even click the Donate link at right - this garden is 100% volunteer dug!

OK, on to the gardening today. Miyuki, Emily and I met around 10am and set to work. The dog area got a makeover: We deadheaded the lavenders (that's Emily and Miyuki in action, above), watered them,  weeded, removed the pile of cactus leftover bits, watered the bed by the brick pile and mulched it, and generally primped.

Other things that got done:

Deadheaded roses
Planted two small Coreopsis in the middle back bed (they are awesome - can't have too many!)
Removed a rogue Oenothera from the same spot
Filled the water jugs for wednesday watering
Pruned back a Buddleja
Watered several areas by hand
Admired the nice Nicotiana in the red bed (pic left).

In the few hours we were there, several groups of people who'd read the Chronicle article dropped by to chat! We weren't expecting that, but it was very nice to chat with them.


  1. Do you have a link to read online? from olds

  2. Yes! I'll edit the post to add it :)

  3. We were flying home from vacation and saw the Sunday Chronicle in the Honolulu Airport gift shop! It was so surreal. I know lots of people who read the story. CONGRATULATIONS and keep up the good work! Christine (208 Pennsylvania neighbor)

  4. Thanks Christine! I bet it was hard to leave Hawaii, but it's always good to come home to Frisky Town :)


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