Monday, August 16, 2010

Hard at work - elsewhere!

This weekend Matt and I were hard at work - on our own patio! We did water the garden on Saturday morning, and Emily and I attended the Rebuild Potrero Garden Focus Group, but aside from that little got done in the garden. How unusual!

I did snap a pic this morning showing the Cortaderia selloana "Silver Comet" that's about to flower (or set seed, or make fluff-sticks, or whatever it's doing) for the first time. You'll faint with relief when you hear that this is a sterile cultivar and the entire neighborhood is not, as you had feared, about to be overgrown with pampas grass. What's more, it's timing is very good - the neighboring cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) is just about done for the season, which, when cut down, will be leaving a gigantic, arching, awe-inspiring hole in the bed. No matter - Cortaderia to the rescue!

I'll post more pics as the fluff-sticks emerge further.

In other news, Matt and I enjoyed a nice trail ride with our horses in Pacifica yesterday, and loved the native Dudleya cymosa (Canyon Liveforever) succulents growing all over the coastal hills, and currently flowering. They are tenacious little things - we took this photo of one group clinging to a tree root, dangling in the air, and waving in the breeze! I wonder how long they can survive like that?

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