Saturday, May 22, 2010

The tour is tomorrow

From 10am-3pm you can tour the hidden gems of Potrero Hill's private gardens! Get your tickets now (click here) and see you tomorrow!

Today I got to the garden at 8.30am, met Emily (she brought me lovely cut flowers!) a bit later, and didn't leave til 12.30pm.

Between us we watered, weeded, deadheaded and trimmed a lot of stuff! The daffodil, Chasmanthe, Amaryllis and Scilla leaves are dying down and look awful, so I trimmed of loads of those. I was also delighted to see Robert who tells me the watering system is now ON for short bursts once a week. Excellent - no more hours of watering!

Matt also joined us and planted a lovely variegated Yucca elephantipes "Jewel" by the steps, moved an Agave americana variegata to do so, and put that near the arch. He also planted a 10' tall section of columnar cactus (Cereus?) on the cactus wall that Channing and John brought us. Insta-Cactus! (see pic!)

Later on I met Joe and Dave who are getting me some quotes on some hardscape work that needs to be done at the garden. Luckily Ron was walking by so he put in his $0.02 on the area around the info kiosk. I think it's all going to look rather spiffy, people!

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