Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More plants sold... and a few stolen.

OK, despite my Craigslist posting both Tin and Wes managed to get me to agree to meet them at the garden today to buy some plants. That's another $90 for the garden - thanks guys!

On the way there I saw Emily on the street, on her way to Center Hardware for some items. She helped me pick out plants for the guys.

After she left I noticed a hole in the red bed... then another, and another! Someone has gone through and stolen almost ALL the Ranunculus from the bed, as well as the Glaucium sp. (Horned Poppy) "Iran" from the same bed.

Just ripped them out of the ground.

Well. I can only think it must not have been a real gardener, because what true gardener would steal plants like that, knowing full well how much work and love goes into the growing of plants? And if they're not a real gardener they won't know how to look after the plants, which will no doubt die. Shame on them.

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