Sunday, May 16, 2010

Panic abatement program

Today was the day of the pre-tour, where garden owners on the tour get to see the gardens in advance of next week's tour. Because they will be too busy on the day, you know?

 I woke up with a start this morning and rushed to the garden to hopefully finish my list of tasks from yesterday. On the way I got my coffee and fretted about how on earth it'd all get done.When I arrived though, a blessed angel in a stripy sweater was waiting for me: the lovely Josh who read my pathetic wailing of the last two days and came to help me.

It is a sign the depths of my desperation that when I asked him "but Josh - isn't your garden on the tour too? Why aren't you at home primping it!?" and he replied "Oh, my garden always looks perfect." I did not think he was being funny as usual, nor did I snap back some joke about his Martha Stewart-esque gardening habits or shocking lack of humbleness. No, I was so frantic with fretfulness about the garden's appearance that I sheepishly thought "Oh my god - he's right. P. Garden is a disaster zone and only a slovenly gardener would allow it to end up looking like this. I'm a BAD PERSON!"

One can always count on one's friends to kick one when one is down, and then clean out your storm drain with a smile on their face. See exhibit A, above... it's so clean you could eat a matzo ball off it! :P

We also weeded the paths, planted the plants I got yesterday, swept the steps, deadheaded the Watsonias and Irises, watered just about everything, and Matt came by and fixed up the twig borders by the bench. Frenzy!

I got to Kepa's house, the first on the pre-tour, at 11.45 but sat in the car for 10 minutes because I assumed Kepa is a normal person who is primping her garden til the last minute. Thank goodness I was right! Then we all toured around the gardens and saw some delightful and very interesting gardens on the Hill. I strongly recommend you get your tickets and go on the tour: it's going to be a treat! Here are the details in case you forgot:

Tickets are $25/each or $40/pair
Available at Christopher's Books (1400 18th St) and All States-Best Foods (1607 20th St)

All proceeds benefit the Potrero Library Campaign.

For more information:
Mary Abler, (415) 626-7512 x107 or


  1. Wait a minute! I have to defend myself here! I WAS joking when I made that comment about my garden always looking perfect! I had just spent days fluffing my tiny garden for the tour, which is why I had time to help Annie with the P Garden Sunday morning. And there is nothing Martha Stewart-y about me!

  2. Yeah right Josh! I know how you secretly worship Martha and her clever, yet utterly charisma-free personality. ;)


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