Saturday, May 15, 2010

Panic planting, part 2

Yesterday Leah weeded the cactus wall. Today I also set out to the garden with the tools needed to Do Lots of Work and Make a Difference! Namely: an extra large coffee, and Matt.

Together we weeded the paths from archway to almost the top of the garden (just the left side path/steps to do) and watered the front and red beds pretty thoroughly.

I managed to squeeze in chats with Sharon and her daughter and friend, Gary, and Jim. In the meantime, Matt was busy making a water catching bowl around the tree dahlias and weeding other areas.

Tomorrow I've got to finish the weeding, repair some twig borders, and empty the storm drain ditch - all before noon!

Later on Matt and I drove down to Half Moon Bay and dropped by a nursery there. Oh dear - panic plant buying ensued! I picked up:

Agastache rupestris (Mexican heather)
3 Verbascum sp. "Cotswold King"
Penstemon strictus
Leucadendron "Safari Goldstrike"

My theory is a) you can't have too many Verbascums, b) we need something tough and bright to go on the corner of the red bed (Agastache, Penstemon) and c) I have been looking for a large yellow Leucadendron for ages, and this one seems perfect. It's not as golden yellow as I wanted but it gets 6-7' tall and I have been holding a spot for it for ages.

And now I have to plant them all. Ack!

Photo shows a Peruvian daffodil (Hymenocallis festalis) flowering. Smells like fabric softener!

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