Saturday, August 29, 2009


First mistake of the day: deciding to start gardening at 11am when it was already 85 degrees out. Second mistake: not wearing a Camelbak of iced coffee!

Smart Josh started at 10am (!) when it was presumably a few degrees cooler, and weeded and mulched like a trooper. I barely walked to the top of the garden and had to have a sit down! I'm so grateful to Josh (and patient pup Cosmo!) for helping me in the searing heat today. What a guy!

I planted a bunch of Agaves, Aloes and Opuntias on the succulent slope, and the gorgeous Kalanchoe tomentosa  (Chocolate Soldier) that Dino and Jason gave me in the top middle bed. In order to make room for the Kalanchoe I moved a clump of grass I can't ID right now to the red bed. I also planted loads of small Arctotis I grew from seed my dad sent me by the Wrong Way sign. Good luck little guys!

I also pruned and watered the bamboo, sprayed the succulent slope, tidied the Kniphofias and did a bit of weeding. One of the red California poppies had its first flower - excellent orangey red color. Emily and her sister Sabrina (from tropical Portland) dropped by too - a pair of dyed-in-the-wool gardeners.

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to but I was overheated, and had to stop around 2.30pm. I'll start early tomorrow like a sensible person.

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