Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Escape to the garden

Between priming, painting, sanding, and other new-house-related DIY projects, I am a bit busy. I did make an escape to the garden last night so I could enjoy standing still for a minute, and breathing in the scent of roses instead of the scent of flat interior latex paint in "Tapenade"... (Did you know Fregosi Paint on Pennsylvania Ave will give you a 25% discount if you have a copy of the Potrero View with you? I made use of this - twice!)

Due to recurrent trips to Lowes for other DIY items, and the magnetic draw of their plant department, I had two light yellow Osetospermums to plant in the left bed. Tucked them in, had a chat with Gary. Reluctantly went back to painting...

Incidentally, while at Lowes I saw two shopping carts piled with flats of annuals, all crushed on top of each other. I asked an employee and found that they were being thrown out (underwatered, dropped, or otherwise shopworn plants) and they could not give them away. Even to a community garden. What a daft policy. If I had the time or energy I'd go dive in their dumpster to retrieve these perfectly good plants!

I did get two plants from their sale rack: a 1 gallon Spanish lavender and a 1 gallon Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape) so now I have an excuse to go plant them this week.

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