Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moon over P. Garden

Last night the moon and clouds converged behind the P. Garden arch to create a stunning picture. Sadly my camera phone was not up to the task of preserving the moment but you get the idea (left).

Leah left me some plants yesterday. I popped out this morning to see water some needy plants, see what she'd left and rub my hands together while cackling in glee. Aeoniums, Phormiums (variegated!), violets and some citrus fertilizer! Someone (Leah?) also left three lovely looking Kalanchoe luciae (Flapjack Plants) at the front. I have long wanted some of these, so thank you Leah and/or whoever you are!

I have a big backlog of plants to plant right now, and am still moving house late into the night each day. It has to end soon!

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