Sunday, August 23, 2009

Donation moratorium

Today John came over with some plants donated by Channing. What great guys these two friends are - they give me plants and then thank me for taking them! No guys - thank YOU!

I am so, so backed up on planting but I put in 4 hours and managed to do the following:

- Planted 2 Kalanchoes, 2 Aeoniums, several small succulents, a dozen asters, two rows of Agapanthus and a Mock Orange (Philadelphus) "Belle Etoile."
- Moved several wheelbarrows of mulch
- Watered the cactus wall and steps.
- Weeded.
- Moved a couple plants around and asked them nicely not to die on me.
- Watered the lavender hedge.

And I still have 17,642 plants waiting to be planted. Aaahhh! So I have decided to call a moratorium on plant donations for a few weeks until I can get caught up. I feel really bad because I love getting donations and hate to disappoint people, but it's awful if plants have to sit around waiting to get planted - they do suffer. If you have a plant for the garden, just email me at djxjs at yahoo dot com and we can figure the best time to donate it so I can get it in the ground ASAP. Thanks :)

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