Thursday, February 22, 2018

Time to start moving...

Austrocylindropuntia subulata
The owners of the building next to PG have let us know that they intend to demolish the building in June. I went to their offices and looked at the plans for the site - 59 units of residential, all rentals!

Center Hardware has already relocated, and Gary's Brickley Production Services will move too - very sad for us as Gary and Annelle have been wonderful over the years.

What does this mean for PG? Well, for starters, we need to move the plants along the cactus wall so they can build a retaining wall along it.

These plants have done a superb job of protecting that wall from graffiti and have thrived in the hot, dry spot with no water at all. In other words, they're mostly very spiky cacti, which means moving them will be tricky. Matt and I have started the process but we will need to work on it for the next few months to get it done.

Last weekend we cut out a few more Yucca branches to root elsewhere, and left a pile of cuttings on the sidewalk for people to help themselves to. If you want cactus cuttings to start yourself, let me know and I can cut some for you.

We also reinforced some of the plantings at the back of the garden to help reduce the chance of homeless encampments somewhat - a lot of our cacti will end up back there.

I worked on weeding a bit too. After the rains and sunshine, the weeds are very vigorous - I cleared one section of the bottom path completely. There is so much more to do that we're having our annual weedathon again this year - watch out for more on that!

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