Tuesday, February 6, 2018

All clear!

After a flurry of activity over the last 24 hours, the latest encampment has been cleaned up.

I don't know if SF HOT or SFPD got the people to move, as we contacted both, but I do know the camp was vacant this morning. And I won't share the other photos of the mess that was left behind but it was pretty disgusting.

At any rate, as soon as Chris told me the camp was empty, I used the 311 app to notify them it was ready to clean. At the same time, our contact at SFPA, the lovely May, contacted DPW too.

And just a few hours later, Gary let me know that the camp was cleaned and gone.

Now, we know it will be back, but we have to make the garden a very unappealing place to be for homeless people otherwise we're going to end up with another used needle and feces covered mess. Putting pressure on government groups to help clean up also transmits the message that a real solution for homeless people (vs shuffling them around) is desperately needed.

Now let's get the fence at the bottom of the garden fixed! I've called some companies for a quote - around $900. But if enough people ask Caltrans they will fix it - submit a CSR here: https://csr.dot.ca.gov/

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