Monday, February 26, 2018

More movement, more weeding

Hm, chips...
Matt and I popped over to the garden on the weekend to see if we could move some more plants, and arrived to a mixed surprise. A huge pile of wood chips in the top area...

Great news: we needed chips! Not so great news: we didn't know these were coming, and whoever dumped them completely covered a few plants in chips. meaning we had a lot of work to do uncovering the plants before they died, versus other important tasks...

Agave rescue
We got an Agave tequiliana out from under the pile, and it looks OK which is good news.

I'll be contacting the wood chip company to straighten them out...

I weeded one of the top terraces and spread some chips on it right away, and we put some chips in the brights bed too.

Freshly weeded
Then we finally moved to the cactus wall. Matt set about taking down some Yucca branches and setting them up in the back area to prevent encampments, while I weeded the bottom path some more. I did another 5 yards of path, and two more of the steps as well - each freshly weeded section is so nice and neat :)

Matt also pulled some Opuntias out, and a small Aloe. All these plants will be set up in a new bed at the top of the garden, or put in pots for the short term.

I pulled some trash out and left it on the curb for 311 to pick up, and was notified by the 311 app that it was gone a couple hours later. Great app - I recommend everyone download it!

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