Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lavender no more

Ivy, lavender and weeds out!
The top of the garden has been bordered by lavender for years. And very tough drought resistant plants they are. However, they do have a shelf life and ours were starting to peter out.

Since we have hired help coming to remove piles of weeds on the 10th, we decided to remove the remaining lavenders at the volunteer day today. And a vast pile of weeds. John and Emily joined Matt and I in stripping the area bare. 

PRG looking lovely
We will replace them with a border of Calandrinia on the outer edge, and Agaves, Nassella and Euphorbias inside that. Then the plan is to flatten that top area by making a low retaining wall on the west side. We will make a small bed in the middle of that area and add steps going down past where the bench currently lives, through the brights bed. 

I spread a couple tubtrugs of compost and turned the remaining bins and we watered a few needy plants before calling it a day.

The next day Matt and I returned to weed some more. I cleared out the dead Hibbertia astera by the bench which succumbed to drought, along with lots of weeds. It's time to fix up that path and replant. What species like dry shade?

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