Friday, June 17, 2016

Genentech Workday: A Whole Heap of Awesome!

There was so much that went on today it would be nearly impossible to chronicle all of it! First off, let me thank the team leads, John and Chris, for giving even more of their time to the gardens. They both did a fantastic job leading Genentech volunteers, and they deserve much more than the kind words, and literally worked for peanuts (salted and honey roasted!) today.

Annie also stopped by and did a big redo of the middle bed among other things, and had some rocks delivered for a project at PRG (I'm sure she will post about that later!) so a big thank-you to her as well. Also, we wouldn't have been nearly as successful if it wasn't for Nancy from DPW. She dropped off a bunch of supplies (thank you!) and even arranged for Recology to come by for a trash pickup (thanks Beto!).

Second, many thanks to the team of +20 Genentech Volunteers who spent their afternoon making both gardens look one hundred times better. I counted nearly two dozen lawn&leaf bags heaped with weeds, and I'm pretty sure we also filled SF Paint Source's dumpster (thanks again SF Paint Source!) with trash removed from the site. Trees were watered, pathways cleared, mulch spread, Salvia potted up, Calindrinia prepped, the list goes on and on! All of this work was possible because of good leadership, and so many motivated, tough, responsible people, that as Annie put it, "moved like locust" through the gardens whipping both of them into shape.You can find a link to all of the photos from today on google photos.

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