Saturday, June 11, 2016


Yesterday I was at the garden at 9am to meet the guys from Trees Company who were scheduled to come help remove some debris from the garden.

We started with two guys and a 12" chipper and they chipped or removed all three of the big piles at the top of the garden. They left us a huge pile of mulch too.

The top area is now cleared and ready to rehab!

After that, they moved on to the big pile of twigs behind the composters. This represents 7 years of twig collecting - well, twigs, branches, pinecones, phormium leaves and agave leaves that won't compost quickly enough to make nice rich compost in the bins. And this pile had got huge - about 6' tall at the back and 12'x12' square.

They managed to remove about 2' off the top which was a feat, then the truck was full and they had to go around 2.30pm. Still, big improvement and we can now excavate broken down twiggy mulch from the base and resolve NEVER to add more branches to that pile again! If we have that sort of waste we will "mulch in place" around the base of some of the bigger plants in the middle of the beds.

Today Matt and I went back out to weed, water and work. Matt cleared all the chips off the top edge of the garden and started to break up the ancient asphalt there so we can plant around the edge. We'll use the leftover asphalt to make a low terrace to the left of this area.

Then we started imagining the plants we can put in and it was all very fun :)

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