Sunday, April 24, 2016

More Weeds Sunday & Potrero Boosters Heads Up

My mom, Debbie, clearing a big
grassy patch in the dog area
Before I get into the very brief post about our Sunday at Pennsylvania Garden, let me tell you all about Tuesday.

Tuesday is the Potrero Booster's monthly meeting per usual, but the developer of the parcel adjacent to Pennsylvania Garden will be giving a presentation on what things will look like with condos there.

Annie, Matt and I will be there and hope to see many neighbors there.

Starting to look like someone cares ; )
Sunday my Mom, Debbie, was visiting and we headed out to the gardens for some weeding and trash pickup. Someone had dismantled the doggie bag holder (!) so I'll add that to the 'to do' list for things that need to be replaced.

Nice color at PRG
Otherwise it was the usual, us gardeners trying to get the upper hand on all of the grass in the garden, and today we attacked the dog area. We also added a quick sign announcing the next workday (Saturday May 7th 10-12) so the newbies know when to be where to keep their neighborhood looking good. Hope to see you all at the workday too!

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