Sunday, April 24, 2016

Earth Day, cont'd.

Yesterday we weeded from the north end of PRG, taking home a tubtrug of trash and pulling weeds up to the rain garden. Boy that is a weedy mess.

Today Matt and I went back for more, filling 4 bags of trash, a tray of needles, and load after load of weeds. 

After I picked up the needles, a gust of wind blew them over into a shrub and I had to pick them out again. Damn I hate picking needles up!

Keep your dogs OUT of the planted areas people, that's all I can say, unless you want them to get stuck by a needle - or you, if you're a conscientious owner who picks up your dog poo.

The North end is clean! South end is clean after last week too! Just the middle remains... and we will be out there working on it in the coming weeks.

I used the 311 app to submit two requests to the city - one for a trash pickup, one for the needles, which are sitting in a plastic tray next to the trash: watch out.

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