Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day in the garden!

Kevin, pruning
Today I brought employees of 3D Systems to the garden for a pre-Earth Day special! Thanks Peter, Tina and Kevin for helping out.

Kevin artfully cut back an Artemisia that was creeping over the pathway - it barely looks pruned: very neat job and much better than just hacking it straight across and waiting for it to grow back a bit and look natural.

Peter and Tina, weeding
Tina cut back a huge Calandrinia and took lots of cutting we will use for the other garden up the street, PG.  She did get poked by an Agave spine but the guys across the street at Hilti gave her a band-aid.

Peter ably hacked down loads of the evilest weeds known to Potrero Hill gardening - fennel - and threw the hacked fronds over the fence to mulch down out of sight.

The 3D Systems crew

Loads of trash was collected, and about 8 tubtrugs of weeds got pulled but my goodness - there are loads more! Anyone want to do some more weeding this weekend?

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