Friday, May 8, 2015

Workday Grass Removal Crew & More

Luke made short work
of the compost!
A big thank you to everyone who attended the workday - Annie, Luke, Jenna, Joanne, MaryBill and my mom Debbie. So much was done that it's hard to record it all, but I can at least report the highlights and acknowledge the great work that was accomplished!

First off, Annie set about to taming the Salvia canariensis that was overgrowing into the pathway with its' beautiful silver and purple abundance.

Jenna all smiles
weeding the pathway
The rest of the crew divided up into groups, weeding the pathways and doing a thorough clean-out of the grass that has taken over much of the garden. In particular, we made a big push to get the middle front bed, brights bed, and left bed all cleared and spiffed up.

Annie removed some overgrown Euphorbias along the top path and replaced them with Aloe maculatas, as well as trimming up the giant Phormium "Alison Blackman" who will soon need to be moved elsewhere as she has become too mighty.

Pathway clearing expert Joanne
Towards the end of the workday the fully crisped and dead-gone lavenders in the dog area were removed and Annie put in a nice variety of Agaves in their placeAs much as we all love lavender, a tough spot requires really tough plants; if a plant doesn't survive we will try something different instead of trying to replace it. 

A little art someone made
in the dog area - lovely!
Compost was turned (thanks Luke!), plants dead-headed (thanks Mary!), and every time I turned around Bill had expertly removed huge swaths of weeds. Everyone did a great job and it was fun to hang out and chat while we worked.

Hope to see you all at the garden next month!

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