Monday, May 25, 2015

Rehab and rescue

Some kind of Dyckia
Matt and I popped out for couple hours of gardening and took three large Aloe maculata and Aloe vera out to plant in the garden.

After that was done, Matt dug up a Phormium that has been hiding in the bushes for quite some time and potted it up so it can get some rehabilitation in a safe place. While he was doing that, he found a bag thrown in the shrubbery.  A quick look inside revealed the name of the owner, and I left him a voice mail to say I had his bag and some cables if he wanted them. Shortly after that I found another of his bags, and when he called he was quite happy. He'll be reunited with his goods this week.

Agave shawii
I weeded on the back slope, discovering very happy Agaves hiding back there, growing away in the bone dry soil as they like to do. It's all about plant selection in this drought!

I also reconfigured some Aeoniums and planted an Agave parryii.

That said, here's a list of plants not looking happy at all this week:
Calla lilies (usually they die back this time of year, but at PG they normally remain green year round)
Cussonia natalensis
Psoralea pinnata
Salvia "Tequila"
Fuchsia boliviana

None of these would normally be called xeric, but drought tolerant they have been. Until now...

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