Saturday, May 23, 2015

Crispy dry out there...

Thanks for dumping that...
Despite a sprinkle of rain this week the gardens are looking crispy dry - well, the plants that aren't super xeric, that is. The Fuchsia boliviana is in a sad state and will likely die.

Even the Cussonia natalensis is looking iffy: if it dies I shall be very sad indeed. The Agaves, Aloes and other succulents are as happy as clams, naturally.

Agave tequilana flowering
Matt and I spent an hour or so picking trash at PRG today. We found, and filled, three wheelie bins! We left them by a big pile of wire casings someone dumped at the garden - they recycle wire at the scrap metal place around the corner and I suppose dumping the plastic casings in a garden seems totally fine to some types.

We also picked up a dozen or more dog poos in bags. What is up with that dog people? Why do some of you pick up your pet's waste, bag it, tie it, then throw it in the bushes or straight up leave it on the path?

Agave "Lemon Lime"
Calandrinia and Kniphofias
Some people just leave loose craps right on top of plants though. Harder to pick up so you don't even try? Pretty lame.

In other news a number of Agaves are flowering now. The Agave tequilana we planted as a pup in 2009 is huge, and going off like a rocket (image shown) as well as BOTH of the big Agave americana "Lemon Lime" specimens that Matt and Paul brought from Healdsburg. I'm sad about that! Almost all species of Agave die after flowering so we will replace them with something equally epic when the flowers are done - which will be months from now.

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