Sunday, May 26, 2013


Composter - fixed!
Yesterday Matt and I weeded for an hour while the trees at PRG were watering, and went and bought lumber to fix the steps and the composter lids for hopefully the last time!

Today Matt, armed with a brand new drill, fixed the heck out of the steps and the composter.

We turned compost bin 1 over into bin 3, which was recently lined in hardware cloth by Jim. Bin 1 is now ready for hardware cloth - no more rats in there please!

Steps - fixed!
I weeded in the middle back bed, removing huge tubtrugs of weeds. I also cut back all the dying Chasmanthe leaves in one clump in the brights bed and weeded and spread compost in the left bed.

More tubtrugs full went to the compost bins - the cycle continues. With the recent turning of the compost bins, and added water, the compost is breaking down much more quickly - I only hope any weed seeds are being killed at the same time.

Cordyline skirt cleanup
I gave a few plants some water, deadheaded irises and Kniphofias, and removed the dried up "skirt" of a Cordyline in the middle back bed, arranging the leaves at the base to smother future weeds.

A solid 4 hours out there in the breezy sun x 2 people = 1 full day of work!

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