Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boosted again

All sorts of amazing
Last night Matt and I went to the Potrero Boosters annual dinner at the California Culinary Academy. After a few drinks and nibbles and a lot of socializing with our neighborhood pals we sat down to watch the newly elected president and board be sworn in. Next came the awards.

Imagine our surprise when we were both called up (along with Emily who wasn't able to be there) to receive an award - actually, two awards! The Invasive Flora Award was presented to us by PB in recognition of our efforts on PRG, and a Certificate of Recognition signed by Senator Mark Leno was also included.

Hopefully the former is no reference to the (sterile) Cortaderia and Nasella tenuissima planted there - haha - but more about our relentless drive in improving scummy patches of land.

All aglow with this excitement we were even more delighted when we won two bottles of wine in the raffle. Score!
(Lower photo by Andrea Laudate and M. Joseph Schaller)

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