Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weeding - it's what we do

Lush bed
If you don't like weeding, you shouldn't get involved in gardening: it's 80% of the job! Luckily there's something wonderfully rewarding about all the parts of weeding: sitting in the sun, removing offending plants, beautifying the plants you like, and turning the fruits of your labor into compost. All stages are total win!

This evening I went out for an hour of weeding, and pulled three tubtrugs full out of various beds while noticing all the changes in the garden recently. The Kniphofias, Watsonias and Irises are flowering.

The vine on the entryway arch, Dipogon lignosus, is flowering too, and smells great. And the Echium simplex right behind it is flowering for the first time since we planted it in May 2009 - a tall tower of white flowers. At last.

I started getting bitten by mosquitoes so I left but it was a really nice quiet time in the garden.

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