Saturday, April 20, 2013

Like locusts, but in a good way

The weeds don't stand
a chance against this crew!
On Saturday we had an extra mid-month workday to prep both of the gardens for the FUF awards ceremony. Annie and Matt were already hard at work at Pennsylvania Railroad Garden with the watering setup and all the tools ready to go when Josh and I arrived. One of the 'Lucky 7' AP Biology teenagers needed additional volunteer hours, so despite having worked in the pouring rain to put in the street trees back in December, he decided it was still worthwhile and came back to volunteer again. what a trooper! Our immediate task at hand was to clear all of the weeds and trash, and we worked our way northward across the street park.

Like locusts, but in a good way, it took us a little over an hour to make a good clean pass of the street park. During that time - and I hope I have everyone's name right here - we were joined by DebbieBob, Janet, Jessica, Maulik, JackieAshley and Jennifer. Janet even brought a nifty tool for removing difficult weeds, sort of a trowel axe combo, that I wish I
A cleaned path is a beautiful thing
had a photo of! It is a great tool, I hope Center Hardware sells them. Buckets of weeds and trash were hauled away and the crew moved to Pennsylvania Garden.

Up in the dog area there were some odd make-shift structures someone (not us!) had made, which Matt and I removed along with a load of trash. In general much weeding, pruning, brooming and cleaning up was done by all. I've never seen the front walkway and entrances to the garden cleaned so quickly and with such energy, and it was done solely by Bob in just a short while.

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