Sunday, April 21, 2013

PRG receives an award

As many of you know we received an award from the Friends of the Urban Forest last week. The Most Greenified Block award for 2013!

We had a little event at PRG which FuF organized, and they brought coffee, pastries and lots of supporters. Plenty of PSG volunteers came too - as it was really an award for them, I was delighted people came to get recognition for their hard work.

PRG was looking lovely thanks to the cleanup efforts of the day before, the sun was shining brightly, and the mood was just as bright. Jay Murphy of FuF gave a speech, I gave a speech,  Mohammed Nuru of DPW gave a speech.

And as a special surprise for us Mohammed had a cleanup crew out there spiffing up the West side of the street as the celebration happened. They stripped all the trash and weeds and graffiti out of there in record time!

Lots more pictures can be see on FuF's photo stream, by clicking here.

I must say, the street has never looked better :)

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