Monday, March 4, 2013

The Triangle Garden and our expanding empire.

Before PHGC improved it.
You know what they say: the sun never sets on the British Empire. And now the sun sets just a few seconds later on the Pennsylvania Street Parks Empire with the welcoming of the Triangle Garden to our family.

I was approached by Anna of the Potrero Hill Garden Club at the weekend, when she and Mary were thankfully there to help at the more-hectic-than-predicted plant sale. Anna mentioned that their club's members are pretty busy people and can't stay on top of the weeding at the Triangle Garden.

This piece of land that runs along 18th St, its opposite side following the curve of Pennsylvania Garden, holds many of the same plants that we grow, as well as a line of lovely Bronze Loquats (Eriobotrya deflexa.)  The tip nearest the freeway exit is also routinely run over by lackadaisical drivers - three times in the last 4 years the metal guardrail has been mangled by maladroit motorists. And the 22 Fillmore bus stops by the garden, by the trash can. It gets some traffic.

Anyway, tonight I met Anna and Robert at the spot and they showed me what needed to be done. Happily, the Subjects of the PSG Empire are clever with a trowel and should enjoy the challenge. Hurrah!

Photo shows the Triangle Garden before PHGC made it pretty. More pics to come soon.

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