Saturday, March 30, 2013

New flower

Scilla peruviana just starting
Today Matt and I walked through PG with our coffees and noticed that the bulb I rescued in the nick of time from the 100 Texas lot (which was recently stripped bare and flattened - in preparation for...?) is flowering. What could it be?

Later, as we were setting up the hose to water the trees at PRG I saw Josh, who identified the flower as a Portuguese Squill (Scilla peruviana)

In full flower
You might notice that the common name refers to Portugal, and the Latin name to Peru. According to Wikipedia:

"The scientific name peruviana, "of Peru" results from confusion over the origin of the specimens from which the species was described by Carolus Linnaeus in 1753; he was given specimens imported from Spain aboard a ship named Peru, and was misled into thinking the specimens had come from that country. The rules of botanical naming do not allow a scientific name to be changed merely because it is potentially confusing."  Hah!

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