Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not winter

Daffodil and Convulvulus
Once again a gorgeous hot day and out we went to water. Matt and I started around 10am and finished around 2pm, and watered the rest of the plants at PRG that we started watering yesterday. Emily came to help too and everything got a good soaking and a health check.

Matt dug out the new rain garden at the north end of PRG and moved a lot of rocks. Then he replanted several Agaves that were in poorly draining soil so they won't rot. The dirt installed at the north end of the street has a lot of clay and so is very different to what we're used to - and not ideal for Agaves!

Prunus cerasifera in bloom
I planted 5 Nasella tenuissima, an Agave parryi and moved a few plants that went in at odd spots during our planting marathon recently. Then Sara and Mary dropped by for a tour of PG and PRG since they're in the process of starting their own street park and needed a few tips. We're always happy to oblige!

Worth checking out this week at PG: the Prunus cerasifera (cherry plum trees) are flowering and the scent is awesome. And the daffodils are coming up. It's all go at PG!

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