Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feels like spring!

Morning shadows in SF can be chilly and dank, but the warm sun came out this morning and Matt and I gardened in the freshly rained-on dirt.

First we went by Regent's Cab lot. They have graciously been storing all our plants for the 100 block of Penn Ave, and we had a few Agaves left over to pick up today. Thanks to Steve for being so kind!

Agave tequiliana "Sunrise"
Next we needed to plant some of those plants, so we removed some dead Echiums in the dog area (what is up with Echiums? They're all hat and no cattle at PG!) and hauled up a gigantic and gorgeous Agave tequiliana "Sunrise" to plant there. The thing had half a dozen big pups on it that we removed, and into the bed it went. Fab.

Matt then spent some time planting various small Agave pups in a line behind the Calandrinias on the outer edge of the garden.  Such small pups will do better there and can grow on to be transplanted later without adding to the mess of pots near the shed.

Agave weberi "Arizona Star"
I decided to plant an Agave weberi "Arizona Star" a the bottom of the steps. This meant removing a lot of Achilleas (Yarrow) and other weeds from the area. Those darn things have quite the root system - great for stabilizing a xeric slope but also pretty annoying when you'd prefer something else there.

I popped 6 or 8 Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga cuttings around the base of the Agave and they can duke it out with the Achillea.

Cherry-plum blossoms
The cherry-plum trees are just starting to bloom now, as well as the daffodils so I took some pics. It al feels very spring-like at the garden!

Lastly I weeded the Calandrinias a bit and tidied up. I also found a small glass bottle containing two crack rocks so if that's yours please let me know and I'll.... hah. Oh dear.

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