Saturday, February 16, 2013

It is summer.

OK well it feels like summer. Wacky weather.

Today Matt and I met Emily, Maulik and Jessica at the Mariposa Center Garden - now really a part of the SPUR project (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden)? Yeah, we'll explain it all later ;)

We set to work weeding, removing trash, removing the dead plants (so much for Lupines!) and finally removing the fence installed to protect the plants.

...and after!
In just about an hour and 40 minutes we had the area stripped clean, and even added three Agave americanas, a Malacothamnus fremontii and some Dietes bicolor. The three Lavatera "Barnsley" got a good prune too.

Not bad for a Saturday morning. After that Emily and I traded off watering the PRG plants and were joined by Enrique and his son Carlos who picked up trash on the entire PRG site and did some weeding. They came because they saw us out working, and wanted to help. Thanks guys! Ray, an owner of Pawtrero also came by to thank us for all our hard work, and even wanted see how Pawtrero could help out. The goodwill was overflowing...

Ray and Tuesday
 from Pawtrero support the garden
Lastly as I was watering a guy came up and berated me for 20 minutes straight for wasting money on such a horrible and pointless project as ours.  As he talked a group of people passing down the path paused to thank me for this garden, coincidentally.

It amused me to hear him out and try to engage him in conversation, because hey - there's always going to be some old white geezer complaining at you, and all they really need is to feel heard, like the rest of us, plus I am a firm believer in Hanlon's Razor. Over the course of the last 4+ years of gardening the only trouble I have had is with three middle aged or older white guys who at various times have tried to put a dent in my hat. Bless them.

Thankfully my lovely old white husband came out to rescue me and the conversation ended. There's always next time!

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