Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter chores

Miscanthus moved
Today Matt and I went out to the garden for the first time in weeks to get some chores done.

First I coppiced the Cotinus coggygria (Purple Smokebush) which is something I've been dying to do for ages.  Coppicing is a nice way to say "cut completely down to the ground" and you do it to some shrubs to get them to grow back vigorously from the base and show off their beautiful new foliage.

Our Cotinus had been grown into a standard when we got it - a 3' tall trunk with branches growing out of that, like a little tree. It looked weird in the border, and various shoots tried to grow from the base too, making it look weirder. So I cut it to the ground. Fingers crossed it comes right back!

Matt moved an ornamental grass from the left bed to the middle back bed. No idea what it is - probably a Miscanthus - but one thing's for sure: the Fuchsia boliviana was crushing it.

Then he removed a grass that wasn't great from the brights bed and replaced it with four Aloe maculatas from the middle front bed, where they were being crushed by an Aeonium.

I cut back the Dahlia imperialis, weeded a whole lot of weeds out, trimmed a Plectranthus argentatus, and tried to decide what species of Agave to plant in the dog area where someone keeps crashing into the Salvias to use the border as a bathroom. Yuck. Hopefully a sharp spine to the nether regions will stop that nasty habit ;)

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