Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekday Volunteers

Full, Empty, and Almost Ready!
One of our awesome behind the scenes volunteers, Alison, passed the word along to a family friend named Emily that the garden could always use more regular volunteers. Emily not only came out to garden with me on Friday, but also brought her friend Renee to help too! I met them at 1pm at the garden, and after giving them a detailed tour of the garden we setup the hose to water the trees at the new street park  and got to work at Pennsylvania Garden.

Grow little plants grow!
First order of business was pulling out a lot of the various weeds around the garden, especially those in the left and middle beds. After our buckets were nice and full, we then divided up a few tasks. While one person was turning the compost, another would be potting up plants, and the third person would do a miscellaneous task like pruning, sweeping, or picking up trash. We went through this rotation so that no one person was stuck turning the compost for an entire hour. It worked out well, and by 3pm all of our work was completed. Job well done Emily and Renee!

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