Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things large and small

Today the San Francisco Parks Alliance tour was coming to PG, and I was there to meet them, give them a guided tour, explain our mission and answer all their questions. We've done this for them before and it's always a lot of fun.

As usual they were an energetic group of about 20 people who were taking this SFPA workshop to learn how to start a street park. A number of familiar faces were in the mix (Ken! Blade! Julia! Lanita! Steve! Jerad!) and the atmosphere was jovial. We walked down to the site of the new street park on the 100 block of Pennsylvania Ave afterwards and I filled them in on the rapid progress there. Everyone was very interested, and asked great questions.

Before all that happened though I was at the garden weeding for an hour, and completely cleared an area in the left bed that always gets one little weed absolutely carpeting it. The nice soft dirt smelled great, and the weeds popped out easily. Very satisfying work - before and after pic above :)

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