Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trees on the way

We have worked with Friends of the Urban Forest to select trees for this project, and it looks like we have candidates lined up with the help of Heidi L. our contact over there.

Our requirements were quite stringent, and we did a lot of research on the best species for the spot. Here's our wishlist:
  1. Extremely drought tolerant, or xeric.
  2. Evergreen, so they look good year 'round.
  3. Not too tall (we have overhead wires.)
  4. Low litter - less fruits, nuts and leaves falling all over the place.
  5. A nice mix of 4-5 species.
These are the trees it looks like we're getting:
  1. Olea europea (Olive tree)
  2. Agonis flexuosa "Jervis Bay Afterdark" (Purple Peppermint Tree)
  3. Acacia stenophylla (Shoestring Acacia)
  4. Tristaniopsis laurina "Elegant" (Small-Leafed Tristania)
  5. Acacia baileyana "Purpurea" (Purple Fernleaf Acacia)
We tried for a few other species but they weren't available - Psoralea pinnata, Cussonia species and the like - but we're happy with the one's we've got. They're sure to look fantastic on the street. Planting day is December 1st at 10am: join us!

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