Monday, November 5, 2012

$10 bouquet is for real - a fundraiser for the new garden!

Bentley anticipating his bouquet
As if things couldn't get any better around the garden! So many awesome volunteers over the weekend got Pennsylvania Garden into shipshape, and the new garden on the 100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue is going in this month, a big wow there! Now, we've been given the opportunity as part of the Mariquita Farms Mystery Box Thursday at Piccino to have a fundraiser. Cloud nine!
This Thursday from 4:30-7pm we will have bouquets available for a suggested donation of $10, outside Piccino at the corner of Tennessee and 22nd. The lovely bouquets have been donated by local florists to help raise funds for a new garden on the 100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. Wow!
Which reminds me, if you are ever able to make a donation, no matter how small or quirky, just send me an email and I bet we can make good use of it.

Hope to see you all Thursday,


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