Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here Comes Street Park!

It reads better as street park
Finally, after years of waiting and struggling to get the green light, today is the first day of big trucks and workers in high visibility jackets! It was an awesome sight to walk West on Mariposa street, and see all the heavy equipment.

As soon as reached the corner of Mariposa and Pennsylvania, I spotted our contractor, Mike, heading out for the day. I stopped to chat, thanking him for all of his hard, and avoided getting hit by the commute traffic as I walked north on Pennsylvania towards the site.

All that work getting done!
As I got closer it was obvious that major changes were happening - numerous steel posts were already cemented into the ground, and they were busy positioning more at the very northern end. The guys running the concrete truck were waiting for the next pour, so I went over to say hello and thank them for their work. They were also keen to know what the final plan was for the street. One worker was looking forward to rain tomorrow, as he has been working 10-15 hour days and wanted a break, business has been too good. Nice to hear business is going well! My vote however is for no rain - that park can't go in fast enough.

Kessler and Crew
The crew positioning the steel posts were busy working, so no commentary from them, but I was able to take a bit of a group photo. Hopefully I can go back tomorrow and continue the progress, so stay tuned!


  1. So awesome! I can't believe it's happening!

  2. thanks for fixing the post - even when I follow your directions I can never get things to align properly.

  3. hehe, no worries ;) I'll show you how tomorrow.


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