Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunny Rainy Kind of Day

Kate pauses from weeding
Bonkers may be the word Annie would use to describe the weather on Monday, and I think it fits! Masses of rain clouds blew over the garden and were followed by bright sunshine, warm sunshine even, while Kate and I gardened.

Tasks of the day included weeding the walkway from the bench up and around the brights bed, weeding the bed along the pathway adjacent to the brights bed, and pruning back a Salvia that had overtaken a Leucadendron.

We weren't in the garden very long, but it was so beautiful out we couldn't help but get outside and do some work in the rain/sun! Be on the lookout of interesting mushrooms around the garden and remember to look but not touch, mushrooms can be some seriously bad stuff even when just touched.

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