Monday, October 29, 2012

Introducing: Garden Interns!

Brittany & Shelby
Last Friday there was a very special workday scheduled especially for our interns, Brittany and Shelby, from San Francisco City College! These lovely ladies contacted me about earning their 16 hours of horticulture experience with us at Pennsylvania Garden. Our neighborhood is so lucky to have them pitching in! My mom, Debbie, was visiting for the day, so she helped as well.

After giving them a mini-tour we all set into to weeding the dog area. It has gotten pretty weedy up there, and we need to prepare the site in order to install some physical barrier under the mulch (carpet tiles? landscaping fabric?). Next task was to dispose of all the trash that has collected down at the Mariposa Center Garden. It was a productive workday, and I'll have to devise some fun gardening for us next week.

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