Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FUF & Stuff

Ok, first off I know everyone that reads this blog probably already has a street tree or wants one in front of their home or business. However, if you are needing more trees or know people that should have a tree, please contact Doug at Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). 

FUF is organizing a street tree planting day for our neighborhood - maybe you saw the signs - so this is your opportunity to get a new tree put in front of your home or business at a VERY low cost! You can also volunteer to help put in the trees - should be a fun day You know Annie and I will be there!

Contact: Doug Lybeck
Community Outreach Coordinator
Friends of the Urban Forest

Second, just did some tidying up around the garden which included weeding out from underneath the Agave in the middle bed, weeding and cutting back in the bed with the Linaria in it (among other lovely plants) and general well, you may have guessed.... more weeding. Cardoon is coming back in style also, and butterflies are everywhere! To summarize, get yourself to the garden!

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