Saturday, July 21, 2012

The heat is unbearable

Crinum bulbispermum
OK well if you live in SF you're probably thinking the title of this post is daft. It's a sunny, breezy day, right? And if you live in Potrero Hill you're enjoying a relatively hot day. However, if you're working down at the bottom of the new terrace area in Pennsylvania Garden let me tell you: the heat is unbearable. It reflects off the metal of Gary's building next door and it's enough to wilt an Agave, which is no mean feat considering they're basically made of Kevlar.

 Despite this, Matt and I went down there and planted some plants. We put in:

1 Euphorbia ammak cutting from John
1 Agave of some long, narrow type also from John
3 Cotyledon orbiculata
1 Opuntia bigeloveii (Tedddy Bear Cholla)
1 Chamaerops humilis (Mediterranean Fan Palm)
1 large bush ice plant of unknown type from John

Euphorbia ammak
We also watered the right end of the brights bed, parts of the left bed, and the area behind the wrong way sign. Matt deadheaded a huge clump of Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga in the middle back bed, and I deadheaded the Aloe striatula in the same area.

We drank a lot of liquids, rested frequently, and accidentally-on-purpose pointed the sprinklers at each other a few times, and I still feel as limp as an old dishrag. Time for a lie down!

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