Monday, July 30, 2012

Divide and conquer

genus: Silybum
common name: milk thistle
target destroyed!
Growing up I remember my Grandma saying, 'divide and conquer', which basically meant any complex problem, when subdivided, would be easier to solve. I often apply this maxim to many different things - everything from scientific investigation to well, most recently, getting rid of this spiny thistle covered in its own fluffy seeds (genus Silybum; no joke!)

I first cleared my working area, cutting back the Centranthus and ripping out any offending weeds. Then, I lopped off the tops of the thistle so it was about waist height. Finally, I ripped out the smaller stalks. This would have been nearly impossible if not for the white leathery gloves in the shed - many thanks to Annie for keeping the shed so well stocked. After the larger stalks dry up, it will be much easier to rip the base out. Yay!

The garden had two guests while I was working, Lucky and Trisha, visiting from Portland. I asked if they had any questions about the garden, and they proceeded to tell me what a 'great find' it was on their trip, so full of beautiful plants and with a nice shaded bench. I had to agree!!!

After weeding the back middle bed a bit I was out of time and energy. I will be back later this week to continue weeding, and am looking forward to the volunteer workday this Saturday. I hope to see you all there!

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