Monday, July 23, 2012

Stop to sniff the flowers
Before getting into the work that was done at the garden today, I want to point out how awesome and tireless Annie is! The work that Annie and Matt did over the weekend is awesome, I went today and checked it out. Also, did anyone else catch the name of that Optunia they put in - I'll post it again - Opuntia bigeloveii (Teddy Bear Cholla). Wow, what a moniker!
The cardoon always grows back
Today Bentley and I headed out to the garden and weeded the corridor along the brights bed and middle bed. Well, I weeded and he laid under the bench. After I trimmed back some Agapanthus and Cardoon that were blocking the paths he had something to sniff.  During my weeding I noticed some Dahlias, despite getting no care, were coming back this summer. This got me thinking about how many amazing survivors we have at Pennsylvania Garden - plants that despite given conditions just on the edge of whats considered possible for that plant, are able to thrive and create a beautiful environment. We are so lucky!

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