Saturday, July 30, 2011

Presentation a success

I gave a short talk this morning about my favorite plants for street parks today at the DPW yard, organized by the dynamic duo of Sandra at DPW and Julia at SFPT (details in previous blog entry.) It was great fun - I made a PowerPoint presentation and spent a lot of time pondering which really ARE my favorite plants. My list was supposed to be about 20 long, but it crept up to 30, and culd have easily topped 40 or more.

Matt came along and worked the projector while I rambled on, and I think it was all well received. I saw a couple of our volunteers there (wave!) and met some new folks too. Everyone got a list of plants, a Jamba Juice card and a PG brochure too.

If anyone's interested in reading the final list of plants, let me know and I can post them here.

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