Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corn marigolds get their comeuppance

The back border cleaned up.
Bright and cheerful though they are, the corn marigolds (Chrysanthemum segetum) do tend to get out of hand. At today's volunteer day Heather and her mum spent quite some time removing clumps of them that were past their best. They also planted a yarrow (Achillea millefolium) near the bench that was donated by Anna today.

We were also joined by John, who, alongside Carlin, weeded in the dog area, planted two lavenders and watered the entire lavender hedge. John also watered the brights bed and a whole lot of other spots that needed a boost.

By the kiosk: before
I set up some sprinklers around the left bed and planted a purple Osteospermum in a gap there. The left bed doesn't get any sprinkler action from the weekly watering, so we'll give it some water manually every couple of months. 

Nate and Tanya deadheaded a huge number of plants, which means more flowers for everyone to see, and Matt bought a strong pole for the new signs we have to put up, as well as sanding and varnishing a wooden backing for one. Hopefully we'll get that put up this week.

Kiosk area revamped!
Lastly Carl and I worked on the area by the kiosk. We installed edgers, weeded thoroughly, added dirt, and planted half a dozen Aloe brevifolia along the edge. Finishing up with some water, a gravel mulch, and a thorough sweeping of the entire sidewalk, brick path and entrance way, it really looks fantastic!

Update: Matt and I went to Flora Grubb later in the day and saw some cool blue grasses for the back border, on sale. We got 6 Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue Avena Grass) and planted them, plus some Aeoniums we had kicking around, right away.  When the orange Calendulas fill in, it'll be a nice look.

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