Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July Botanical Adventure

Any guesses as to where the first photo was taken? Somewhere in LA? A spot in SF you've never been to? You never know where you'll find a beautiful spot full of botanical interest, and the photo was taken by me from a street park in San Antonio, Texas!

Linda Pace (of Pace Picante Sauce) created Chrispark to honor the memory of her son. If you told me it was designed by a famous landscape architect I would believe you, because it is gosh darn beautiful. The street park is across from modern lofts in the historic brick building. Yes, this is Texas! Be sure to check out the plants section on their website which gives a layout of the park's plantings with great descriptions and photos.

On my trip I was also able to visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden (link here). My current favorite native plant of central Texas is the Leucophyllum frutenscens, shown first in close-up and then behind some silvery Agaves at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Just an amazing shrub from the Figwort family, a real winner that needs minimal water, can take heat, and has pink-lavender flowers like crazy all over.

So, if you ever visit San Antonio don't skip the River Walk, but also don't miss Chrispark and the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

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